Quebec, Canada

At L’Arche Winnipeg, we get what they call statutory  holidays which we have to use before our year ends. Before i came to work at L’arche as a live-in assistant for individuals with developmental disabilities, i had spend a year road-triping across Canada and then lived in Guatemala for three months. The past year that i’ve spend in L’arche has been a different type of excitement. Since i’m living and working in my own city, there has not been a whole lot of adventure in the travel department. My travel bug was biting, and i knew that i wanted to travel somewhere for my holidays. A friend of mine was going to Montreal and so i decided to join him. Travelling all of Canada is on my bucket list and i have yet to go to Quebec, and so i thought to myself; “what better time is there than the present?” My friend and i spend a week in a L’arche community in Montreal. We eventually parted ways and i went off to Quebec City to couchsurf (a different post on that topic). In the mean time, here are some pictures from Montreal.

You should of seen me; i was going crazy over the street arts in Montreal!
A trip to Montreal is not complete without a trip to the beautiful Notre Dame #breathtakinglybeautiful
The famous casino; it’s so beautiful at night. The picture just does not do any justice!
And the Cafes; so much character
For those of you who know me; you know the i love colour. And the colour house and doors did not disappoint!


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