Best of Bangkok

Back in late August and early September, i had the opportunity to travel to Thailand with a friend of mine. I turned 23 this past August and graduated with my first degree back in April so i guess you can say it was a little gift from myself to myself.

You see, i was pretty scared to travel to Thailand. Thailand would be a whole new playing field for me and all the talk about people getting kidnapped did not help my nerves. I kept telling myself that if i was going achieve my dreams of making this world my playing field, i had to not let fear get the best of me. I have the tendency, travel wise, to always return to the places that i know and feel comfortable in. I’ve been back to Europe twice and my last international trip before Thailand was Guatemala, so of course i thought of going back to Guatemala and visiting my host family. If it weren’t for my friend, who convinced me that we go to Thailand, i probably would have pushed it into the far future. And boy, was i glad i went.

Our flight took us to Bangkok, were we spend roughly two days exploring. If i could describe Bangkok in three words, it would be SO. MANY. TEMPLES. Words nor picture cannot do justice to just how beautiful Bangkok is. I’ve included a few pictures below of the temples we visited that you should check out.

Wat Arun. Hands town my favourite picture! you should have seen me trying to get the monk into the picture haha
Was Pho. It felt rather like a village that you can explore for hours on end. Its famous for its larger-than-life golden reclining Buddha statue so make sure to check that out.


Their rather strict on clothing at the Grand Place, which explains my not very fashionable outfit choice here. You cannot wear spaghetti straps to the temples so i had to buy this red top at a market nearby to cover up.
Just outside the Grand Place.

Since we were only in Bangkok for roughly two days, we did not get to explore the city’s night life too extensively. We did however spend a lot of time at Khao San Road which was about a five minute walk from our hotel.

Khao San Road takes night life to a whole new level. Khao San Road is literally a long street filled with everything from markets, streets foods, rooftop bars, and endless list of things to do. You can shop, drink dirt cheap alcohol in buckets (i felt like i was in heaven), hit up a club or pub, get a tattoo or dreadlocks (for reals). For reasons i need not explain, the majority of my pictures from Khao San Road are blurry so I’ve included just one picture taken at the beginning of our night out. I even eat a scorpion while at Khao San Road and all i can say is that it tasted crunchy and burned, but never again.


After Bangkok, we took a flight to the islands in the southern part of the country. More on that later, but in the mean happy adventures friends.


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